About Us

The world of tomorrow
will resemble the dreams
of today’s children

Our Mission

The way in which little girls and boys play when they are young often indicates how they will behave when they are older and how they will fulfill their role in the world. For that reason, education is one of the cornerstones of a livable world. The sooner attitudes are acquired, the stronger and firmer they will be. Children’s books allow children to deal with their emotions and fears, to stimulate their imagination, to get an insight in their own behaviour, to understand the relations between people and the difference between right and wrong. Moreover, children’s books and their exciting content create a strong tie between parent and child.

If we explain the conduct of adults by the fortune or misfortune of their childhood years, we owe it to ourselves to do our best to provide today’s children with an imaginative, stimulating and safe environment. Books that are close to children and their emotions are a perfect tool to achieve this goal.

Our History

In 1978, Philippe Werck opened a children’s bookstore in his hometown of Hasselt, Belgium. Shortly thereafter, he decided to publish the books he wanted to place on his shelves. This is how Clavis Publishing originated. Now, thirty years later, with over two hundred titles published annually, Clavis, meaning ‘key’ in Latin, has unlocked the doors to their divisions in Amsterdam (2001) and New York (2008)  as well.