Ilona Lammertink

Ilona Lammertink (1957, Hengelo, Overijssel) has always aimed her career at children’s weal and woe. After receiving an education at the University Medical Center Groningen she spent years working as a nurse at various maternity wards. She also had a training to become a yoga teacher, with special interest in yoga for children and pregnant women. After that she took a course in Integrated Children’s Therapy at the Dutch Academy of Psychotherapy in Amsterdam. In 2001 she started her own practice as a child therapist. Inspired by the children from her practice, she wrote Het tri-tra-tranenboek (The Ti-Ta-Tears Book). It was her first picture book for Clavis Publishing, but several titles have followed since.

Children play a key role in her private life as well. She wished for a large family, always knowing that she wanted to adopt a child. In 1988 she visited Brazil and there she adopted her daughter Myrthe. In 2004 the both of them traveled back to Brazil and visited her biological mother and her siblings. Myrthe’slife story is told in Ilona’s debut novel Gekleurd door Brazilië (Coloured by Brazil).

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